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My name is Massimiliano Berti, but please, call me Max. I am a passionate concrete technician who has spent around 30 years working in the construction market and 17 with one of the most important prefab concrete Company in the world.

I worked as technical laboratory chef, concrete salesman, quality system auditor, concrete trainer, public speaker.

I don´t believe in super technical insights for insiders only, that´s why I run this blog, to put all my experience in the field at the service of all business operators at all levels.

If you'd like to get to know me better you are welcome to visit my Linkedin profile

Massimiliano Berti owner of P-Concrete


Muhannad (China)

Not only a well-designed blog but also a mini community for all practitioners and researchers in the concrete industry.

Doug (New Zeland)

I like your direction...too many academics are making concrete too difficult ...ignoring the real world project evidence in favor of lab data.

Layth (Hungary)

I trust that your blog would be a great reference for many practitioners and academics alike in a short period of time.

Alba (Spain)

I love the idea, the global vision as well as the contents shared in it.

Gustavo (Portugal)

Seems to be a great way to make the "concrete world" more accessible and understandable for everyone.

Nice job!

Allan (Canada)

I’m certainly intrigued in the blog and your approach to spreading the practicality about concrete.

Joshua (USA)

The site is very impressive

Emmanuel (Tanzania)

Thank you for this milestone in concrete technology

Avinash (United Arab Emirates)

You indeed have a very impressive profile. I have seen you blog and kept it on bookmark.

Melving (Peru)

it is good that we can share, learn and at the same time spread knowledge about cement and concrete throughout the world.

Satish (India)

My best wishes to you for spreading knowledge on concrete. Its a noble cause and I am sure that engineers and contractors - both new and experienced will gain from your blog.

Tarek (Lebanon)

It seems interesting and academic. I’m always interested to learn more about construction materials as I am an architect and concrete is our main material in construction.

Anisa (Canada)

I had a loom at the website, nice work you got going there.

Mark (USA)

Looking at your posts, you are very qualified and experienced man!

Giuseppe (Italy)

Compliments for your blog, it is very interesting.

Przemek (Poland)

Wow Website is pretty cool

Stephanie (USA)

I love your idea & concept. I am always happy to support those who promote concrete!

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