Can you name all the different causes of concrete deterioration? Can you explain how does that happen? Knowledge is power, power to do thing right at the first attempt!

The following article is a MUST READ! You will find exuisitely explained and with detailed pictures Types and causes of concrete deterioration

As we all know well concrete is a semi-finished product. Which implies that there are several operations to be performed on site in order to have the final structure fulfilling the it's not only all about concrete (the raw material) but a lot stands on the shoulders of the workers on site. The following article is a complete overview of do and don'ts:

Concrete Pouring Steps and Techniques

Concrete strenght is one of the most required performance. Mistakenly some thinks that it's the only important value one have to know and check. Nontheless it is an important figure (even if not the only one or the most important). How can it be kept under control? The following article highlights some ways:

7 Methods for Testing Concrete Strength

This is very interesting: How colloidal nano silica effects the SCC lightweight properties?

It's not something that can be discussed in the usual p-concrete style, so I am not going to attempt it. The best way is having researchers doing it. That's why here you'll find a great research:

Effects of colloidal nano-silica on fresh and hardened properties of self-compacting lightweight concrete

Every day the sub-production of concrete slurry is massive. That is a huge environmental issue and let's say it...a waste of money. Can this unpredictable, almost useless sub-product be reused? The study that is linked here highlits how concrete slurry can be turned to new life:

Innovative reuse of concrete slurry waste from ready-mixed concrete plants in construction products

Aggregates are a very important part of concrete to the extent that they are even defined as the "bones" of the mix.

Which kind of aggregates can be used to batch quality concrete? What's the difference between coarse aggregates and fine aggregates? Discover more reding the following article:

Aggregates - Types of Aggregates | Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate

Slabs are one of the most used element for foundations, they look easy to handle and very effective.

But how can the bracing walls be well fixed onto this foundation? Is there some issue that have to be pondered over?

The following article goes in depth into this topic:

Concrete Shoes

We all know, concrete can take whatever shape, but in order to do that proper formworks are needed.

Every element needs a specific type of formwork and skilled manpower in order to place them in the right way.

The following study is en extended discussion about this very important topic: