For sure you all know SCC or self compacting concrete, but what about UHPC?

Are you curious about it? Would you like to have a clear, simple introduction to this great mix?

Well, all you have to do is to click the following link and enjoy the reading:

Introduction to UHPC Concrete

Aggregates are a very important part of concrete to the extent that they are even defined as the "bones" of the mix.

Which kind of aggregates can be used to batch quality concrete? What's the difference between coarse aggregates and fine aggregates? Discover more reding the following article:

Aggregates - Types of Aggregates | Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate

Slabs are one of the most used element for foundations, they look easy to handle and very effective.

But how can the bracing walls be well fixed onto this foundation? Is there some issue that have to be pondered over?

The following article goes in depth into this topic:

Concrete Shoes

The humidity level of the aggregates is not a constant value and that has a dramatic effect on concrete batching. Almost all the concrete plants are equipped with moisture sensors in order to reach a more constant final product.

What are the procedures in order to properly use the moisture sensors? Insight about that in the following study:

Use of a Moisture Sensor for Monitoring the Effect of Mixing Procedure on Uniformity of Concrete Mixtures

Some people say that trash is gold....well I don't know if it really is gold but for sure it's a powerful way to avoid pollution, implement the range of raw materials available and opens up to ingenuity about re-use. Concrete is an incredible material which can host more than we can imagine. Have you ever thought about pulp mill waste?...well read here:

Recycled pulp mill waste adds strength and resilience to cement

Waste clay and concrete. Researchers from the National University of Singapore' Centre for Advanced Materials has found a way to use it and to create another way to have eco-friendly concrete.

If you are intrigued by this research all you have to do is click on the following link and read about it

Eco-friendly concrete swaps out sand for activated clay

Energy saving is one of the main topic in the XXI century. Can concrete be efficiently used to help reducing energy from non renewable sources?

A French start-up has developed a concrete flywheel to store solar energy in an innovative way. Read about it in the following article: Concrete flywheel storage system for residential PV

Take a moment to relax. Forget about concrete issue, forget about durability, cement, admixtures, new mix design, innovation....take just a couple of minutes to enjoy the beautiful pictures and video of this stunning brutalist structure.

No more words, just enjoy;

Intersecting concrete slabs outline Stu/D/O architects' monolithic residence in Thailand

What is "cyclopean concrete"? Probably it comes to your mind the concrete that is used to build up dams....well you are not far from the truth. But today you'll be surprised in reading about cyclopean concrete in architecture.

Dont't miss out the following article:

Cyclopean Concrete and Its Many Diverse Uses and Applications in Architecture

When immagination meets the youngsters' need.....combine skaters lifestyle and concrete, what will you come up with? Something that is useful, inspiring and even beautiful.

Enjoy reading the article and watching the pictures you can find at this link:

Wavy concrete strips stretch along french industrial site to form 'skatepark continua'

3D concrete printing is fast developing to the extent that now can even become more cost effective than traditional casting.

This article can be inspiring and maybe convince the most skeptical to take this technique into consideration.

Please read it carefully:

GE cuts costs by 35% in move from casting to 3D printing technology