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Architectural Plan

Take a moment to relax. Forget about concrete issue, forget about durability, cement, admixtures, new mix design, innovation....take just a couple of minutes to enjoy the beautiful pictures and video of this stunning brutalist structure.

No more words, just enjoy;

Intersecting concrete slabs outline Stu/D/O architects' monolithic residence in Thailand

Beige Paper

Graphene reinforced 3D printed concrete...that sounds simply great! Well, we are not talking about some sci-fi movie or distant future tchnology, no, it's just something that is happening today!

Do you want to get more info? All you have to do is clicking the following link:

HS2 to spearhead use of graphene-reinforced concrete


Hywind Tampen, developed by Equinor, is the world’s largest floating wind farm being constructed so far and the first that will supply renewable power for oil and gas installations.

More details thanks to the linked video

Hywind Tampen Concrete Foundations Move Forward

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