What is the toolbox for every concrete contractor? What are the "must have" tools in order to optimize every concrete casting? Is it always worthy the investment to have all the possible tools?

That's a insightful article to read:

18 Tools Every Concrete Contractor Must Have

Glass is a recyclable material and it looks stunning when used in concrete...have you ever seen it? But there are several challenges in using crushed glass as for example ASR. Is it possible to deal with these issues? Are there any other benefits or advanteges in the use of crushed glass in concrete? Find the answers in the following article:

Waste Glass in Concrete has Advantages and Disadvantages

Concrete is often related to high water consumption. What if waste water is used? Could it be a viable soultion to an outstanding envronmental problem? A study was conducted on the effect of waste water when used in the mix of high performance concrete. It is quite an academic reading, but it is worthy the effort:

Effect of using Wastewater on the Properties of High Strength Concrete

Concrete structures are advantageous for a plenty of reasons. In this interesting article is largly discussed how concrete can contribute dramaticaly to have high disasters resistance: fire attack, wind (up to tornado and hurricanes), flood, hig humidity and rain, earthquackes, blast. Safe living is possible when surrounded by good quality concrete:

Disaster Resistance

Unleash your fantasy! Concrete is the right material to do it! Take inspiration from the pictures and the ideas you can find in this article. Concrete is NOT a boring material even if its color is quite often just grey.

DIY with concrete and enjoy the versatility of the "artifical stone"...you will for sure find several other applications!

40 Creatively Cool Concrete Projects You Need In Your Life Right Now

Can glass be used as a partial replacement for cement? It would be pretty interesting environmentalwise and it could contribute even to a reduction of costs. Is it a good idea? Is there some study which could disclose some insight on this topic?

The answer is yes! Read this interesting research by G.M. Sadiqul Islam M.H. Rahman Nayem Kazi

Waste glass powder as partial replacement of cement for sustainable concrete practice